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Czech DyzaBoys

26 May

Take a rest from being bored and check out the crazy Czech guys called DyzaBoys on this video!

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Realistic sex dolls from Japan

11 May

Let me introduce Candy Girl to you, a freaking natural looking love doll with realistic breasts. Just imagine having one of those dolls at home, I’m sure they are even better than a real woman. You can fuck them whenever you want, they feel totally natural, they don’t say a word when you want to drink beer…

I’ve actually seen those dolls on TV already and they indeed are well known as the dolls with the highest quality and most realistic feeling. You could also order 2 dolls and have a threesome whenever you want, fucking them in every whole and living your sexual fantasies!

There is only one downside… The dolls cost about 7000-9000 Dollars. But hey, if you have the money and want a doll visit the shop:

Kanojo Toys Shop

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